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Rafael Squirru (b. Buenos Aires, March 23rd, 1925 - d. Buenos Aires, March 5th, 2016),  a Renaissance intellectual of modern times: writer and poet, art critic of international fame, government official, journalist, talent scout, founder of museums, cultural promoter,

lover of the  Martín Fierro, translator of Shakespeare, teacher, orator, friend.


Of strong personality and impressive appearance,

Rafael Squirru was an unwavering champion of creative freedom

and a stern opposer of impositions by fashions or trends, political totalitarianisms

and powerful aesthetic/commercial networks.


His humanistic thought transcends the boundaries of his native Argentina

and occupies today a position of relevance in universal culture.

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"Our battered land needs a hundred madmen like yourself who, by virtue of their efforts and acts -some brilliantly insane- pull us out of this crushing mediocrity, or at least towards a higher level than the one we have to unjustly endure..."


                                     Ariel Canzani 

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