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Rafael Squirru's essays, which include art and literary criticism, humanistic reflections and his philosophy of life, occupy the bulk of his writings. In his characteristic prose style -clear and concise- his essays were published in daily La Nación and journals such as the OAS Americas, Criterio, Primera Plana, Lyra, and Confirmado.

Compiled into several volumes, some of these were newly published as books under such titles as  Ángeles y Monstruos, Exigencias del arte, El artista y su tiempo, Arte y humanismo, Libros y libros, cuadros y cuadros.


His more extensive essays on writers, artists and artistic movements constitute the contents of his prose works Claves del arte actual, Filosofía del arte abstracto and all those dedicated to individual artists and writers, like the Dead Weight  series (Antonio Berni, Guillermo Roux, Luis Seoane, Juan Carlos Liberti, Aldo Severi), the Gaglianone series (Héctor Giuffré, Eduardo Mac Entyre, Juan del Prete, Miguel Ocampo, Kenneth Kemble), and Leopoldo Marechal (Ediciones Culturales Argentinas, 1961).

Extracts from essays 

RS at the presentation of Ángeles y monstruos, with Dalila Puzzovio, 1986

Excerpts from the essay  "Arte y no arte",  pages 9-15,  from  Ángeles y Monstruos, first published as an article in daily  La Nación  on 22/07/1979


From the essay  "Calidad de arte, calidad de vida", pages 161-163,  first published as an article in daily  La Nación  on 2/11/1989. 




Excerpt from Claves del arte actual, Chapter "El Mentalismo: Braque, Picasso, Juan Gris, Pettoruti", pages 58-61 


Books of essays

Los libros

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