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of Modern Art of Buenos Aires

When Squirru finally managed the creation of the Museum of Modern Art and his nomination as first director in April of ‘56, the museum was little more than an idea: it had no headquarters or works of art.

When André Malraux in his visit of 1959 asked him if he could visit the institution, Rafael anwered with a variation of Louis XIV's famous phrase: "Le musée c'est moi".  The "ghost museum", as it was fondly called before it found a home, would become the pivot of a great promotional activity which, under Squirru's supervision, used public parks, itinerant shows and even garages to make known the work of the young creators of the time. Finally in 1960, he asked and obtained the newly built Teatro San Martín on Corrientes Avenue as museum headquarters and inaugurated it with an exhibition of the most important artists of the day (Pollock, Kline, De Kooning, Tobey, Capogrossi, Le Corbusier, Burri, etc.) right next to the best of our own, some completely unknown up to then. The event occupied all six floors of the building.

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